Lateral Labs becomes an Accredited Selcom Integration Partner

Selcom is a digital payment services provider working across Africa. With over 15 years and 18,000+ merchants operating in Tanzania alone, Selcom leads the cash-to-mobile-to-bank space.

Chapa Link is a subscription website venture by Lateral Labs. We help small businesses get high quality web design, development and maintainence services at affordable rates.

Part of Chapa Link’s offering is e-commerce websites. To continue enhancing e-commerce players’ ability to actively fulfil orders coming through their websites, we use Selcom’s integration with WooCommerce to enable the acceptance of mobile payments straight to bank.

This year we are pleased to be accredited as a Selcom Integration Partner. This gives Chapa Link customers direct access to integration support for their websites.

To learn more about our e-commerce offering, contact Chapa Link here.